Three Tips—Working With News Media

Who’s calling?

It’s probably your customer, technician or even a product manufacturer. While these groups are most likely to call PMPs, sometimes people—like news media—also want the expert’s opinion on tips for pest trends, updates on seasonal conditions or reactions to pest outbreaks.

And that means local media opportunities for you and your company.

Why work with the media?

Because media relations is an extremely powerful tool for influencing and changing behavior.
It provides critical, third-party endorsement for an organization, service, issue or product.
We’re kicking off monthly quick tips to help you improve your media relations skills—including working with the media, developing story angles, media materials and interview DOs and DON’Ts.

Three Quick Tips—Working with Reporters:

Build trust with editors and reporters over time. Journalists value a source that is truthful and straightforward.
Realize it is their story, not yours. It is up to the reporter what is printed, and you will not get to see the story in advance.
Be concise and prepared; reporters are busy. Always know what your talking points are and be ready to answer questions.
Whether you are calling the media or the media is calling you, it’s important to understand that a journalist’s job is to provide his/her readers, viewers or listeners with interesting information. For this reason, your job is to give journalists information that is appealing, relevant and timely.

The best way to work with journalists is to be available, candid, straightforward and interesting. Be sure to present the facts in a way that is easy for the reporter to understand, digest and repeat, so it is interesting to the media outlet’s audience.

Whether answering media calls or pitching your company as the local pest expert, working well with media is critical, because positive media coverage can help your company increase awareness within the community and give your company valuable and sought-after credibility.

Visit us again next week to learn what makes news and how to develop media relations key messages.

Written by Santi Leone

Santi Leone

Santi Leone is an expert in the field of pest control and lawn care. Customers thank Santi for their conscientiousness, and the number of completed works is growing rapidly. He is married, has a higher education, has 3 children.