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The lawn care Cincinnati technicians at Lawn Care Company will use only dry granular slow-release fertilizer to ensure your property receives the proper amount of product without run-off and waste due to heavy rains following treatments. Slow-release fertilizer also reduces the chances of lawn burning in the dry summer months. We offer specialized fertilization programs for residential and commercial properties. Call Lawn Care Company for all your lawn care Cincinnati needs!

Cincinnati Lawn Care

Weed Control
Tired of seeing a lawn riddled with dandelions and crabgrass? Call the Cincinnati lawn care professionals at Lawn Care Company! Our specialized weed control program ensures your eyes will no longer focus on the eyesores of your landscape, but rather take in the majestic beauty of an emerald, lush lawn. If weeds are a problem in your lawn, call Lawn Care Company today!

Ohio Lawn Care

Insect & Grub Control
Lawn Care Company works hard to keep grubs and other insects from destroying your precious lawn. We spray professional insecticide to make sure these destructive pests don’t cause further damage to your lawn. For premier Ohio lawn care, call Lawn Care Company for all your grub and insect problems!

Lawn Care Ohio

Disease Control
Like human diseases, lawn diseases need experts to diagnose and treat them. Lawn Care Company has the experience and high-end lawn care Ohio products to eliminate and protect your lawn against potential diseases. Don’t let your lawn fall prey to detrimental diseases, call the Ohio lawn care technicians at Lawn Care Company!

Cincinnati Lawn

Fungicide Treatments
The Cincinnati lawn experts at Lawn Care Company use various types of fungicides to get at the root of the problem, taking care not to hurt your lawn’s ecosystem. We will protect your lawn against fungi with the same amount of care and attention we would give our own lawns. Don’t settle for mediocre lawn care Ohio; call Lawn Care Company for superior Cincinnati lawn care!

Lawn Care Cincinnati Ohio

Mole Removal
The best ways to get rid of moles is to eliminate their food source. Moles feed on grubs and other insects, so it is best to combine mole removal with insect control for guaranteed results. If you’ve noticed dips in your lawn that are caused by moles, call the lawn care Cincinnati Ohio pros at Lawn Care Company today!

Lawn Care Cincinnati OH

Licensed Technicians
Lawn Care Company is not your run-of-the-mill Ohio lawn care company. Our small business is equipped to handle all residential and commercial Ohio lawn care. We are confident you won’t find better service anywhere else, as our lawn care Cincinnati OH technicians are licensed by the Ohio Department of Agriculture. For expert lawn care Cincinnati with a hometown touch, call Lawn Care Company today!

Lawn Care Cincinnati

Service Area
Lawn Care Company provides excellent Cincinnati lawn care to: Blue Ash, Beckett Ridge, Cincinnati, Glendale, Indian Hill, Landen, Liberty Township, Loveland, Madeira, Maineville, Mason, Montgomery, Kenwood, Springdale, West Chester and surrounding communities.

Written by Santi Leone

Santi Leone

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