Lawn Care Castle Rock CO Pros About Dormant Oil Spray

If you’re looking for a way to ward off plant pests and mites without causing harm to the plants or other animals, our dormant oil spray is the answer. These types of oils have been used for centuries to protect trees and shrubs from the negative effects of insects, and are proven to be highly effective. For more info, call our tree and lawn care Castle Rock CO specialists today!

Ask Lawn Care Parker CO Pros About Emerald Ash Borer Control

Since 2002, the emerald ash borer has killed at least 50-100 million trees in this country. Don’t let your ash trees fall prey to these destructive pests. Our tree service experts will save your trees before they become part of the statistics. If beetles are a problem around your property, call the lawn care Parker CO professionals at Fit Turf of Denver today!

Our Lawn Care Highlands Ranch Pros Will Wipe Out The Ips Beetle (Pine Bark Beetle)

Also known as engraver beetles, the Ips beetle will dig its way throughout pine and spruce trees, killing them in the process. If you suspect your trees have been invaded by the pine bark beetle, call Fit Turf today to have one of our specialists correctly identify the insect and provide the correct solution to keep your trees safe. For high-quality tree and lawn care, Highlands Ranch residents should call Fit Turf of Denver today!

High-End Tree & Lawn Care! Westminster CO Certified Arborists On Staff

Do you want a tree care company that thinks they know what they’re doing or a group of certified arborists who know for sure how to provide the best care for your ornamentals? Don’t put your trees and shrubs in the care of a company less experienced or knowledgeable. Call Fit Turf today for premium tree and lawn care. Westminster CO residents are invited to schedule a FREE consultation with one of our friendly specialists!

Written by Santi Leone

Santi Leone

Santi Leone is an expert in the field of pest control and lawn care. Customers thank Santi for their conscientiousness, and the number of completed works is growing rapidly. He is married, has a higher education, has 3 children.