Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants (wood ants) can be more destructive to your home and property as compared to termites. They are problematic insects to get rid of and cause widespread destruction to wood members in a very short period of time. Carpenter ants are not for eating wood but hollow out galleries within wood to make use of nesting sites. This is commonly observed that homes can be infested by carpenter ants through an existing colony to a new colony. Houses, hotels and resorts that locate close to woody areas are best suited candidates for infestation. Carpenter ant clusters are prone to move if they are distressed as this happens all the way through construction.Carpenter Ant

Therefore, newly- Carpenter ants tend to travel everywhere in search of food, and some ants are definite to go into any home situated close to woody area. Signs of a vigorous infestation consist of the existence of stringy sawdust underneath the slit-like beginnings in wood members. An affirmative indication that a dynamic, settled infestation is exist in the occurrence of big size ants from walls and crawl places.

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Carpenter ants belong to a family of insects called Cimicidae. All members of this family feed exclusively on blood. The common Carpenter ants (Cimex Lectularius) has five developmental life stages. Each immature life stage (called nymphs or instars) must take a blood meal in order to develop in to the next life stage.

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