Bugs and Mites Off

Bugs and Mites Off is an organic blend of enzymes specially formulated to assist in
eliminating bugs, mites, fleas, ticks, scabies mites, bed bugs and other pests naturally. It can also help in removing bacteria, dirt, germs, odors and pests in your home and surrounding yard.

Non Toxic & Pesticide Free

  • A premium and natural enzyme base formula
  • Fast acting and extremely economical
  • Very effective on Bugs, Mites, Insects and Pests
  • Naturally safe for children and pets
  • Safe for pregnant and nursing mom
  • 100% Environmentally Friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Formula with No Residue
  • Non Flammable with no combustible materials
  • Effective against mold, mildew and fungi

Hypoallergenic and contain no known allergen to irritate skin or respiratory system. Will not
impar vision or cause a rash.

Rinseable and easily wash off completely in water. It does not leave streaks or stains. Once
rinsed, the product will leave a non magnetic and non static finish.

Bugs and mites are made up of high concentration of protein. Our Bugs and Mites Off! is an
enzyme base product that will react with the high concentration of protein of the bugs and mites. Once Bugs and Mites Off! enzyme is sprayed onto the bugs and mites, it will molt and shed the outer coating of the bugs and mites and attack their nervous system and exoskeleton.

Bugs and Mites Off! is fast acting, non toxic and extremely economical. Bugs and Mites Off!
is a natural alternative to Toxic products that are available in the market. Bugs and Mites Off! is a very effective and a much safer product to take care of your bugs and mites bites need.

University Researches have noted that some bugs and mites have developed a resistance to poison based products. So, why use toxic products on you and your loved ones when this revolutionary product is made available to you now. Bugs and Mites Off! is the Non Toxic solution for your bugs and mites bite needs.

Written by Santi Leone

Santi Leone

Santi Leone is an expert in the field of pest control and lawn care. Customers thank Santi for their conscientiousness, and the number of completed works is growing rapidly. He is married, has a higher education, has 3 children.